17 Apr

Slow Reading Speed: A Reading Problem, Not a Braille Problem

My second grade student knows the braille code and loves sharing it with her classmates, but her reading fluency did not match that of her sighted peers. She would try to guess at words after looking at the first couple...
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14 Apr

Why Is Helen Keller The Only Blind Person Anyone Knows?

Reverse side of the Alabama state quarter, released in 2003. Image is in the public domain from Wikimedia Commons.
Today’s post is adapted from a presentation by Mike Hudson—the director of the museum at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Ky—to a recent meeting of the National Federation of the Blind of Greater Louisville. Founded in...
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21 Jan

We Know You Can, So Will You Help Restore Daily Living Skills to Blind Adults and Seniors?

"Kitchen" by Arpit Gupta, on Flickr
The other day, my friend and colleague Pam Allen said something profound: “It’s really hard for people who have just lost their vision to imagine how they could ever live on their own in a new city when they have...
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